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GooglePlay – ExpManager – Trick to transfer backup

Unfortunately the develore of this app ExpManager has quit to support it. I was in trouble when I wanted to tranfer my data to new my smartphone. I found a trick. I suppose you have the APP in both smartphones … Continue reading

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Symfony Doctrine Concurrency

I used Optimistic-Locking here you can find the documentation: You can add in your entity the field version. Automatically doctrine will manage concurrency throwing an Exceprion. use Doctrine\ORM\Mapping as ORM; … /** * @var int * * @ORM\Column(name=”version”, type=”integer”, … Continue reading

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This is my solution to avoid constraint violation when you use Soft Delete Here is an interesting article that explain how unique index are treated by DB The field deletedAt as Datetime with NULL value can’t be part of … Continue reading

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SQL Access Equivalent MySQL Limit X, Y

In MySQL for paging a query we use SELECT * FROM {table} LIMIT X, Y In Access there is only SELECT TOP Y * FROM {table} to select first Y records of a query We can use this trick: First … Continue reading

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HTML JQuery – transform Inputbox into dropdown list (combobox)

Transform input textbox in combobox using JQuery and hide click out Demo

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